Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First time

Today is my 1st day and 1st time blogging....
Thanks to Yeann who called me to blog coz we are now studying in the different class and we cant see each other that often anymore.
I just came back from Thailand yesterday and I dont feel like going back to college this morning coz of tiredness..but what to do...still went for it.
When i reached college, i met up with TX surprisingly...then we went to 1st day of class together which is Cal 2...the lecturer was nice and try to make some joke in the class but the class was kinda cold...(the surrounding of the class was very quiet).
After that i went to CSC class, the lecturer was so boring and she dont want to teach us...yet dont want to let us to leave(stupid huh),but anyhow after 45min she let us leave.
After that I went to meet up V and Pi Jeng in Face-to Face and take our lunch together.
V said that im hyper active today but i dint notice that..(maybe im just happy that I can meet up my friends again)

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